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Our Fishing

River Tawe. We own or control most of the fishing in the River Tawe from Ynysmeudwy downstream to Morriston. The Tawe runs down the Swansea Valley and enters the sea at Swansea (Abertawe).

The uppermost boundary is the Cwmdu Brook, Ynysmeudwy. Thence downstream both banks, to the upper limit of the Inco Recreation Ground.

From the lower boundary of the Inco Works downstream both banks to the Beaufort Weir, Morriston, EXCEPT FOR:

Upper Clydach River (tributary of River Tawe). From the confluence with the Tawe upstream through Cwmdu Glen.

Lower Clydach River (tributary of River Tawe). From the confluence with the Tawe up to the Lon Bridge.

River Gwili (tributary of River Loughor). The right bank at Geubren Farm, above and below the old Pont-y-Geubren bridge.

River Cilieni (tributary of River Usk). Upstream from the confluence with the Usk for 1,300 yds, some single bank, some double - see map.


Printed maps can be obtained from the Secretary.  They can also be viewed and downloaded here...

Fishing Rules

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History of River Tawe Fisheries

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6 Feb 2017


Permit holders are reminded that rivers can be dangerous places and given the wide variation in the hazards that can be encountered it is essential you take due care when attempting to use club waters. It is therefore central to your personal safety that before starting to fish you assess:

When assessing these issues you should consider whether your personal experience, your equipment and physical abilities are such that you can safely deal with them.

Personal safety on rivers:  

How you can help

• If you find a safety hazard such as a damaged foot-bridge, style, etc, please let someone from the Management Committee know about it.