Pontardawe and Swansea Angling Society

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Our Fishing

We have most of the fishing on the River Tawe, Swansea Valley, between Ynysmeudwy and Morriston.  The fishing is for brown trout, sea-trout and salmon. Most of the water is suitable for fly fishing, although some stretches are more easily fished with a spinner or worm.

We also have fishing on the Rivers Gwili and Cilieni.


Get Involved…

We’d like to get more youngsters involved in running the club. There are plenty of things you can get involved in, most of which would look pretty good on your CV.

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Tidal Lagoon Proposed for Swansea Bay

Details of this very worrying proposal and our involvement can be seen here…

We are against the scheme because we believe it’s likely to harm our salmon and sea trout fisheries. We are opposing it in conjunction with other local clubs, the Angling Trust and Fish Legal.

27 July 2017

Salmon At Risk

Latest assessments by NRW (Natural Resources Wales, successors to Environment Agency Wales), based on 2013 catch returns, indicate that after a few promising years up to 2010 salmon stocks in the Tawe are now declining. After being classed “probably at risk” on the basis of 2012 returns, Tawe salmon are now “at risk” and are expected to remain at risk until at least 2018.  Sea trout have gone from “probably not at risk” last year to “probably at risk” now.

As a result, NRW are saying that immediate steps have to be taken to stop the killing of salmon. If voluntary catch and release is not increased to at least 90% (from the current low 35% on the Tawe), they will have to consider taking steps to introduce mandatory 100% catch and release.

More detail is given here…


We’ve created a Facebook group for news and announcements, which we never found time to add to this website. Hope you find it useful.

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